Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Data Science Team

The aim of the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Campus Living Lab initiative is to turn campus GSI features into a Living Lab to expand student experiential learning, enhance research capacity, and create partnerships across disciplinary boundaries.  Each site of the living lab is equipped with an array of sensors that collect data on the microclimate of the site including air temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, soil moisture, and soil temperature. 

Screenshot of dashboard showing plots for air temperature, precipitation, and relative humidity for February 2024

The "atmospheric" tab of the GSI dashboard with plots for daily air temperature, precipitation, and relative humidity.

Our team created an automated workflow that pulls data from these sensors, cleans and combines the data, and updates a CSV file stored on Box daily.  These data are then ingested by an interactive Shiny dashboard where users can filter and visualize the data.  Monthly, the data and metadata stored on Box are archived on Zenodo by another automated workflow we created.  This way researchers interested in using the data can request access and easily cite the data.

A flow chart showing connections between github repositories, documents published on Posit Connect, and data outputs.

A conceptual flow chart of the workflow we used for the GSI project

Eric R. Scott